Magnelab’s First Line of UL Listed Rogowski Coils

UL Listed Rogowski Coils

UL Listed Versus UL Recognized Rogowski Coils

As one of the world’s most respected designers and manufacturers of AC current sensors, Magnelab ( is pleased to lead the way with production of our first line of Rogowski coils to receive UL listed classification.

As a matter of fact, Magnelab’s upgraded line of Rogowski coils is certified as UL listed, starting immediately. In addition, with UL listing, a higher standard than UL recognition, each product was tested by UL to nationally accepted safety standards and found free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock and related hazards.

Why Buy UL Listed Rogowski Coils?

First, the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires the use of UL listed products when available. Also, most other electrical codes require UL listed products. In like manner, it is an easy way to separate the safest, highest quality products from one other.

Be at the Forefront

Not only do we recommend asking your meter company if they provide UL listed Rogowski coils, but you may also contact Magnelab today at 303-772-9100 or at, for additional information and to help lead the way in using UL Listed Rogowski coils (Rope CT’s).

Technical Information

RCT-180L-Coil technical info on standards and ratings.

The Magnelab RCT-180L-Coil (UL File E490744) meets all UL Listed safety requirements for energy monitoring current transformers (UL category XOBA, XOBA7).   Specifically, it was tested according to the United States Standard for Energy Monitoring Current Transformers, UL 2808.  For Canadian markets, it was investigated to Canadian Standard CSA C22.2 NO. 61010-1-12 Safety Requirements For Electrical Equipment For Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use. PT. 1, General Requirements.

Additionally, the Magnelab RCT-180L-Coil is an open-type current transformer intended for field installation to measure current on a branch circuit within distribution and control equipment.  This includes panel boards, switchboards, industrial control equipment, and energy-monitoring/management equipment. The RCT-180L-Coil is also designed for proper installation in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70, NEC.  (The RCT-180L-Coil conductor leads are considered Class 1 circuits, as defined by the NEC, and are designed to be installed in accordance with NEC Chapter 3 wiring methods.)

The Magnelab RCT-180-L-Coil is rated for use in up to 600 V ac line-to-line circuits.  It is designed for Maximum Over voltage CAT IV (Service Entrance) and Pollution Degree 2 environment or Controlled Environment.

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