MAGNELAB’S 50th Anniversary Celebration

Held at Fox Hill Country Club
Longmont, CO

Friday, August 10, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We are among the fortunate few companies our size to be able to celebrate 50 years of service to our industry and our community. First we need to contribute our success to the founder Carl Forsberg, a brilliant engineer who built the company based on excellence and innovation. Along the way employees contributed a great deal in developing Carl’s vision into reality. New owners came along with their own management styles and brought unique perspective to the organization.

Today, Magnelab stands as a leader and expert in the current measurement industry and is well known for its unique approaches to solving the challenges of the industry. Magnelab’s AC current transformers and split-core sensors are known for accuracy and long life. Magnelab will continue to make the best sensors in the industry.

Our vision for decades to come is to continue to be a leader through technology and innovation. We will build leading edge measurement products and instruments to contribute to the industry and make the company a better place to work and contribute to our community.

Looking forward to Magnelab’s continuing success

Sam Seyfi
General Manager

Speech given by Sam Seyfi at the 50th Anniversary celebration:

I would like to welcome you to this historic event, as not many companies can boast the claim that they have been around for 50 years.

I would like to recognize Ruth and Carl Forsberg, the founders of the company, and recognize their contributions to the industry as a whole and to the Boulder County community. Carl had the vision and achieved it through hard work and great engineering skills, and for that, as a fellow engineer, I salute you, Carl.

I would also like to recognize our clients, vendors and distributors who are present, without whom we could not have survived.

We have had many employees, some of whom are here with us today, and some of whom have left us. Memories of them are stamped on the culture of this company. I miss my friend, Jeff Lawson, in particular.

Only 16 years ago we embarked on a journey to grow Magnelab from a magnetic laboratory to a nationally recognized energy management product manufacturer. How did we get here one might ask? The answer lies in your hard work, and the trust and vision that we created for Magnelab. Now that we have achieved our objectives, I feel disappointed with myself for not having a loftier goal. Our vision today is truly the limit we put on ourselves for the years to come.

The magnetic components have all gone to the Far East, and the current sensors are following the same path. The strength of Magnelab has been its people, and the ability of our engineering team to create innovative products. The question therefore is what our vision and goals should be for the years to come? I believe we can continue to grow by staying ahead of the competition through excellence in customer service, and through the continual development of innovative products by our strong engineering team.

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