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Summary The Magnelab SCT series of current transformers (CT’s), also known as current transducers, are designed to produce a safe usable output when properly installed around a primary conductor carrying AC current. In most cases the output is pre-burdened to a small output voltage linearly proportional to the primary current. Although a non-burden version is […]

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DISTRIBUTECH 2020 We’re looking forward to seeing you next week at DistribuTECH! You can find us at booth #3062 with our distribution partner, Aim Dynamics. If you haven’t had a chance to register yet, you can still do so here. If you would like to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives at the […]

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New Switch Gear Current Transformer (Coming Soon)

Magnelab Switch Gear RCT-35SW solid Rogowski coil current sensor measures AC current up to a peak of 15,000 Amps. The rugged, epoxy encapsulated construction makes the senor ideal for switchgear applications in harsh enviroments. Features: • Inputs: 1000 A, peak 15,000 A • Outputs: 140 mV at 1000 A at 60 Hz • DCR: 102 […]

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LONGMONT, Colorado – Magnelab, Inc., a manufacturing and design company, under the parent company Manutech, Inc., announces today the company is officially seeking to acquire a related company, or to purchase a line of products to expand manufacturing and development opportunities. Manutech owns and operates several companies in the U.K., Colorado, Boston, New Jersey, and […]

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Measurement of Below 20 Amps with Magnelab RopeCT and Integrator

Measurement of Below 20 Amps with Magnelab RopeCT and Integrator

Extending Leads with Rogowski Coils and Integrators Magnelab Rogowski coils and associated integrators are designed for 50 Hz and 60 Hz measurement. At such frequencies the noise becomes as issue for measuring current below 20 amps. The solution to low current measurement is to eliminate the source of the electrical noise. While twisted pairs reduce […]

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UL-Listed Split-Core Transformers have 8ft lead wires

JUST RELEASED UL-Listed Current Transformers

Magnelab is proud to announce the release of its new UL Listed product line! This product line release is the culmination of years of work to release a line of CTs with the following: * UL 2808 Listing * Hinged, split-core design (complementing our current pull-apart series) * IEC 61889-2 0.5 Class   We currently […]

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Magnelab Exhibits at DistribuTECH in New Orleans

Magnelab at DistribuTECH DistribuTECH 2019 ran in New Orleans, Louisiana from Tuesday, February 5th through Thursday the 7th.  Magnelab sales and marketing VP’s Eric Christensen and Shawn Cavalli exhibited Magnelab products and services, such as our current transformers, current sensors, flexible sensors, and split-core sensors. Some of the highlights of the event are as follows: […]

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RCT-1800-000 WEB A

Rogowski Coil Linearity and Accuracy with and without Integrators

Rogowski Coil Linearity and Accuracy with and without Integrators Magnelab first introduced Rogowski coils to the market in 2009 as a current monitoring solution that would work well in tight spaces due to the flexible nature of the coil. In addition to flexibility, there are several other advantages to using Rogowski coils. Without question, Rogowski […]

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Magnelab’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Video Link

Magnelab has provided the highest quality current sensors and custom magnetics for over 50 years. We recently celebrated this milestone by inviting Magnelab’s founder, employees, and customers to a celebration in Longmont, Colorado. The following video is part of that celebration. For access to the video, please copy and paste the following link in your […]

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MAGNELAB’S 50th Anniversary Celebration

Held at Fox Hill Country Club Longmont, CO Friday, August 10, 2018 Dear Colleagues, We are among the fortunate few companies our size to be able to celebrate 50 years of service to our industry and our community. First we need to contribute our success to the founder Carl Forsberg, a brilliant engineer who built […]

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