LONGMONT, Colorado – Magnelab, Inc., a manufacturing and design company, under the parent company Manutech, Inc., announces today the company is officially seeking to acquire a related company, or to purchase a line of products to expand manufacturing and development opportunities.

Manutech owns and operates several companies in the U.K., Colorado, Boston, New Jersey, and the Caribbean and employs nearly 600 people.

According to Shawn Cavalli, V.P. of Marketing, “Over the last several years, we acquired five other entities. We are looking to further expand our offerings with the right concept or organization as quickly as possible.”

For more than 52 years in the Colorado market and worldwide, millions of Magnelab products have helped other organizations monitor electrical output to conserve energy usage and costs. Magnelab specializes in electronic components, many types of current sensors, and custom magnetics.

Even though the company is interested in the right company or concept from anywhere, we prefer to help and grow the local economy with local business and employment opportunities, if possible.

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