Magnelab Rogowski Coils Video

New Video Featuring Eric Christensen and Victor Fehlberg discussing Magnelab Rogowski Coils

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This video features Eric Christensen, Magnelab’s Director of Engineering and Sales and Victor Fehlberg, General Manager at Aim Dynamics, Magnelab’s fulfillment company. Furthermore, Eric and Victor discuss a brief overview of Magnelab Rogowski coils with some advantages of Magnelab Rogowski coils, how to install them, and when and where to use them. Specifically, some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Voltage output
  • A third of an amp output with an integrator
  • Simple and safe installation, even with live current
  • Various sizes
  • Tear drop coils for tight spaces
  • Power and equipment savings
  • Industry leading 0.5% accuracy

The Magnelab RCT-1200 is a single-phase flexible Rogowski coil (Rope CT) that measures AC current up to 15,000 amps with an output of 0.333 Vac and an industry leading 0.5% linearity accuracy. In addition, it provides an output of 0.070 volts AC at 1000 amps through the primary when operating at 60Hz (at 50 Hz the output is 58.33 mV per 1000 A). Furthermore, it has a 12″ length, 6″ diameter and is extremely flexible.

Magnelab coils have a rated input from 25 amps to 15,000 amps. Each Magnelab Rogowski coil is UL Recognized and meets CE and RoHS standards and compliance.

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