JUST RELEASED UL-Listed Current Transformers

Magnelab is proud to announce the release of its new UL Listed product line! This product line release is the culmination of years of work to release a line of CTs with the following:
* UL 2808 Listing
* Hinged, split-core design (complementing our current pull-apart series)
* IEC 61889-2 0.5 Class


We currently offer these models, with additional amperage ratings coming soon:

The new SCT-0250 size is our smallest split-core CT to date. With its opening of just 0.25″ and rated at 30A, it’s the ideal size for monitoring individual circuits in a residential or commercial application.

The new SCT-0450 size has a window of 0.47″. It provides a UL-Listed complement to the existing SCT-0400 series. 0.47″ is large enouh to fit around most 50A circuits in a commercial/residential breaker.

The new SCT-0950 size has a window of 0.94″ and is rated at 200A. Despite its large opening (for its size), and 200A rating, the SCT-0950 only weighs about a 1/2 pound.

Lastly, for new installs, we have released the new UCT-0350-050, which provides a low-cost, UL-Listed option to monitor new installations.

Through March 29th, 2019, our distributor, Aim Dynamics, will be offering 20% off on this new product line! Act fast!


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