How Energy Monitoring Can Save Money

From electricians to homeowners, city planners to CEOs, energy monitoring is a buzzword that means more than environmental friendliness, it means big savings.

Discover how much your energy consumption is costing you

Dishwashers, big-screens, computers – millions of appliances are plugged in but few people are plugged into how much their energy habits are really costing. With the advent of new technology – including automated home thermostats, home energy monitors, and more – data is now right at our fingertips, more and more people are paying attention to the global impact and monetary cost of their energy consumption.

Whether it’s high current monitoring, green energy monitoring with split-core CTs, or checking up on your smart device – it turns out that significant cash savings are empowering people to save power.

Know when and how your home uses energy, and you can truly take control of your costs.

How much money can you save with energy monitoring?

Understanding energy bills and determining when and where energy consumptions takes place is the first step. Still, energy monitoring alone won’t save you a single penny – it’s the changes you implement with the insights you gain that will make all the difference. By paying attention to your monthly energy consumption – and the price tag attached to it – you can easily draw conclusions regarding the true effects of leaving appliances on stand-by or by varying the number of people living at your residence.

Eager to slim down your electricity bills? It’s a question of challenging your assumptions and changing your behavior.

Change your energy habits to save you money

Equipped with an accurate understanding of where your home or industrial operation is leaking energy, it’s easy to craft a strategic plan to optimize energy efficiency. While industrial installations, such as warehouses, shopping centers, factories and processing plants, may require more in-depth solutions, oftentimes a few simple adjustments can have an unexpectedly large impact:

Ensure your home/ building is adequately insulated
Check around doors and windows for escaping heat and draught-proof where possible
Switch to LEDs
Reduce your dependency on AC/ Heating
Be rigorous about turning off and unplugging electric devices when not in use
Upgrade to more efficient appliances
Shade windows on hot summer days and install fans to reduce the need for AC
Track Changes

Energy monitoring is a long-term project, requiring small tweaks every month reflected in smaller energy bills during each billing cycle. Track progress by analyzing meter data to see how well each energy-saving strategy pays off.

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