Magnelab and ReNew Our Schools

Since 2007 Magnelab and eGauge systems have supported the Center for ReSource Conservation’s ReNew Our Schools program.  That program organizes groups of between 9 and 15 schools into one month energy conservation competitions and provides real-time monitoring for the students to receive feedback on the impact of their behavior.  District energy managers then go on to use those devices for feedback on their Building Automation System programming, operational procedures, scheduling, and fault diagnostics.  This program has been run in 5 school districts that comprise 23% of the Colorado public school population.  The first three districts expanded energy monitoring district-wide, the fourth has begun that process, and the fifth has just finished their first competition and are making plans to expand their monitoring.

All of these school district managers have seen the value of this data for their strategic management, they have also been impressed with the amount of influence that building occupants can have if they are provided with actionable information.

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