AC Current Sensors

Magnelab offers a large array of products for power monitoring. They offer several styles of AC current sensor or DC current sensor including models that feature a Rogowski coil, split-core and solid core design. Magnelab has a current sensor to suit almost any need.

Magnelab is a world leader in their field. They manufacture some of the most in demand AC current sensors like the split core current transformer, the Rogowski flexible core coils, and more. They have practically all of the AC current sensors that could possibly be needed for any application.

Because there are so many different options, it is now possible to narrow down your search. You can now search by TYPE, by PRODUCTS, or by SPECIFICATIONS. Should you find that the device you require is not available in our portfolio, please contact us and we will assist you in any way we can. Additionally, we are able to customize our products should you require a custom connector installation, a longer lead length or a unique voltage output to name but a few.

AC current sensors are devices that detect AC electric current within a wire. They then generate a return signal that is proportional to the detected current. This signal that is generated can be analog current or voltage, or it can use a digital output. It can then be used in a variety of different ways, for instance by displaying how much current was measured in an ammeter. Other devices can be used to store the signal, which allows them to be analyzed further. The ACT-0024-1 split core current sensor, for instance, is often used for control purposes or within a data acquisition system.

Different sensors sense different things and have a different output signals as well. As such, alternating current input can be analog, in which case the sensed current’s wave shape is duplicated. It can also be bipolar, whereby the sensed current’s wave shape is also duplicated. Or it can be a unipolar output. In this case, the output is proportional to the sensed current’s RMS or average value. It is also possible for a current sensor to have a direct current input. In this case, it can be unipolar, using a unipolar output. Here, the sensed current’s wave shape is duplicated. Alternatively, it can use a digital output, whereby the sensor switches whenever it senses that the current exceeds a predetermined threshold.

One of the most common technologies used within current sensors is the Hall Effect sensor. This is based on the Hall Effect, which is a discovery made in 1879 by Edwin Hall. In this system, all the different current signal types, such as pulsating, DC or AC current, can be measured by the sensors. This is one of the most popular types of sensors because they can be used in so many different applications. Additionally, their output can be used in many different ways and it can be manipulated as well. Besides Hall Effect IC sensors, there are also current clamp meters or transforms (only on AC current), resistors (with proportional voltage), fiber optic current sensors (using magnetic fields to measure light changes) and Rogowski coils (an electrical tool that measure high speed current pulses or alternating current). All options are available through Magnelab and specifications are provided.

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