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Most organizations require that electrically powered equipment operates properly. Grocery stores rely on coolers and freezers, factories rely on conveyors and machines and office buildings rely on air conditioning and heating. Few companies operate without electricity.

Avoid Costly Inventory Loss or Production Stoppage

In most organizations, equipment failure negatively affects the operation of business due to loss of inventory or slow down or stoppage of production. For example, grocery stores need operating coolers and freezers to avoid expensive food loss and factory motors and drives will cause production line shutdowns if they fail.   In the event of equipment failure, loss of inventory, missed deadlines or uncomfortable work environments may occur, resulting in a loss of revenue. Regardless of the type of equipment, an unexpected shut down will most likely cost the company in a significant way.

Monitor Power Consumption and Trends

One easy solution to avoid unexpected failure is to monitor the power consumption of the equipment and establish trends. Once you establish a pattern of power consumption for the piece of equipment, you may periodically review the data and look for changes. If you see an increase in the current draw or number of cycles of a system, it may indicate something is starting to fail or wear out. In that case, you may check or repair the equipment during a known down time and avoid costly and unexpected shut downs.

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