UCT-1000 Solid-Core Current Transformer

Current Sensor, 0.333 Voltage Output

1.0 inch Opening 50 to 200 Amps


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UCT current transformer models from Magnelab have a Revenue Grade 0.50 percent accuracy and 0.29 degree phase angle. Output is controlled by a precision resistor fixed at the industry standard of 0.333 Volt AC. The rugged epoxy encapsulated construction of this current sensor comes with eight feet twisted leads. Please contact Magnelab for other ratings and customized designs.

Revenue Grade meets or exceeds IEC 618969-2 metering class 0.5. See SPEC sheet for more details.

UCT-100 Current Transformer Features

  • Rated input current from 50 Amp to 200 Amp
  • Output 0.333 Volt AC at rated current with linearity accuracy ± 0.50% or better
  • Phase angle < 0.26 degrees.
  • Accuracy at 10% to 130% of rated current
  • Operating temperature: -20 degrees Celcius to +110 degrees Celcius
  • 8 ft. twisted-pair lead
  • UL recognized/UL Standard 61010-1, EN60044-1
  • Custom output and other parameters are available

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Additional UCT sizes available: UCT-0300, UCT-0500, UCT-0750UCT-1250


UCT-1000-000 No Burden Resistor
UCT-1000-050 50 Amp
UCT-1000-070 70 Amp
UCT-1000-100 100 Amp
UCT-1000-150 150 Amp
UCT-1000-200 200 Amp
All Dimensions in Inches
A 1.00
B 2.40
C 0.80