DVT Series DC Voltage Transformer

Output Voltage Proportional to the DC Input Voltage

DIN Mounted- Isolated


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• Primary DC Transducer Voltage range: 10-1000Vdc or 1-100Vdc
• Output 4-20mA, 0-1Vdc or 0-5Vdc
• Accuracy: ±1% over range, Linearity: 0.5% over range
• Response time: 10 mSec, Working Range: 0–120%
• Overload: 150% continuous, Isolation: 4.5KV, 1 minute
• Supply voltage: 15–36Vdc

The DVT Series by Magnelab is also known as the DVT-100 DIN rail mounted isolated DC voltage transducer. The voltage transformer has been designed to convert a voltage input of 10-1000 Vdc or 1-100 Vdc to either a 4-20mA output or a voltage standard output of 0 to 1 Vdc or 0 to 5 Vdc. It can be used to convert to a voltage standard output that is suitable for and proportional to the output. This DVT voltage sensor is also often used in solar string voltage monitoring. This is because it is a safe and effective device to isolate the input and the output.

The DVT-1000-420 voltage transducer is part of this DVT series. This is the specific voltage transformer that has an output of 4-20 mA and with an input of up to 1000 Vdc. It has a 1% either way accuracy over range and a 0.5% linearity over the range. The response time is as short as 10.0 ms and it has a working range of between 0 and 120%. Overload capability is a continuous 150% and it can operate within the temperature range of -35 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. This voltage transformer can operate in environments with relative humidity up to 90%. The isolation is 4.5 Kv in one minute and the device’s supply voltage is between 15 and 36 Vdc. It also comes with a full seven year warranty. It also fully conforms to UL508C, as well as being CSA C22.2 certified. This is a testament to the safety and efficiency of the DVT series voltage sensors.


DVT-1000-420 In 1000V Out 4-20mA
DVT-1000-V01 In 1000V Out 0-1Vdc
DVT-1000-V05 In 1000V Out 0-5Vdc
DVT-100-420 In 100V Out 4-20mA
DVT-100-V05 In 100V Out 0-5Vdc
All Dimensions in Inches
H 2.32"
W 0.71"
L 3.72"