MGC-1000 Current Sensor with 5 Amp Output

30A-300A Input Current Transformer

1.0 inch Opening 30 to 300 Amps


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Magnelab is a global leader in the manufacturing of current sensors and other such equipment. Their MGC-1000 is a current sensor with a solid core. It has a one inch opening, and it is able to transform 30 amperes to 300 amperes input current to an output current of 5 amperes. The materials used in the construction of these AC current sensors are fully UL recognized as a class B material. The units have also successfully passed the hi-pot test at 4,000 RMS. As with all Magnelab products, the MGC-1000 has a number of specific features that set it apart from other devices. Note that it transforms AC current to AC current. For those who need to convert AC voltage to DC voltages, they can take a look at the AC to DC Voltage Transducer RMS-333.

The MGC-1000 is a 5 Amp output current transformer. Its operational frequency ranges from 50Hz to 400Hz. It is made from a very rugged construction. This allows it to be very easy to handle. Additionally, it can be used both in outdoor and indoor applications. It comes with rubberized winding coating. This gives the AC current sensor with 5 Amp output additional strength and protection. Furthermore, the input current transformer’s output is linear from 10% to 130% of rated current. Magnelab has also included a ten year warranty on the product. Furthermore, it is made in the USA, passes ISO 901 quality 2000 standards and is RoHS and CE certified. This fully guarantees its overall quality and its safety.


• 5A Output Current Transformer
• Operational from 50Hz to 400Hz
• Rugged Construction for Ease of Handling and Use
• Indoor/Outdoor Applications
• Rubberized Winding Coating for Strength and Protection
• Current Transformer Output is Linear from 10% to 130% of Rated Current

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MGC-1000-030 30A, 30:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-050 50A, 50:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-060 60A, 60:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-075 75A, 75:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-080 80A, 80:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-100 100A, 100:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-120 120A, 120:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-125 125A, 125:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-150 150A, 150:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-200 200A, 200:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-250 250A, 250:5 Ratio
MGC-1000-300 300A, 300:5 Ratio
All Dimensions in Inches
A 1.00 Min,
B 2.38 Max.
C 1.50 Max.

AC-Current-Sensor-with-5 amp Output-MGC