RCT-180C – Flexible Rogowski Coil

RopeCT 0.333 Vac Output at 1,000A 0.5 Class


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Magnelab RCT-180C Flexible Rogowski Coil Top Features

The Magnelab RCT-180C is a single-phase flexible Rogowski coil (Rope CT) that measures AC current up to 5,000 amps with an output of 0.333 Vac and an industry leading 0.5% linearity accuracy.

The flexible Rogowski coil opens at the connector junction and may be installed on a bus bar or existing cable in a matter of seconds. The RCT-180C is sold with or without an integrator. Integrators sold separately. Additionally, the Rogowski coil and integrator may be purchased as a package with one phase or three phases.

This device is most commonly used in power meters, energy sub meters, condition monitoring, power quality monitoring and distributed measurement systems. It is fully RoHS compliant, as well as meeting CE and ISO standards. This product is made in the USA.


  • Rated input 5,000 amps
  • Output of 0.333 volts
  • Linearity Accuracy 0.5%
  • Custom diameters, output, and other parameters are available


  • Submetering
  •  Smart Home Energy Management System
  •  Power Generation Monitoring
  •  Industrial Pump Monitoring
  • Solar Consumption Monitoring
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Substation LV/MV/HV
  • Lifecycle Management of Equipment

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RCT-1200-000 Coil 12” Length
RCT-1800-000 Coil 18” Length
RCT-2400-000 Coil 24” Length
RCT-3600-000 Coil 36” Length

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