RCT-350T Flexible Rogowski Current Sensor “Teardrop” Shape for Tight Spaces

RopeCT 0.070 Vac Output at 1,000A

6 Inch Diameter RopeCT


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An RCT-350T is a Magnelab-produced flexible Rogowski current sensor designed to measure up to 15,000 amps of AC current. The flexible core coil opens at the connector junction. Easy to install on a bus bar or existing cable in seconds. The design of this flexible rope CT is a ‘tear drop’ shape, which makes it easy to install where there is only limited space, such as in electrical panels. Furthermore, the design ensures less chance of a positioning error. Meanwhile, the specifications of the RCT-350T are equal to that of the RCT-1800 coil for flexible AC current sensor.

Safety and Usage

In addressing safety, the RCT-350T design meets UL STD 61010-1 standards, as well as the CAN/CAS C22.2 number 61010. Fully designed and manufactured in the USA. When needed, the integrator requires a 12 to 30V AC or DC power supply, not included with the product, but may be purchased separately. In addition, product uses include power meters, energy sub meters, condition monitoring, power quality monitoring and use with distributed measurement systems.


  • Rated input from 250 Amp to 15,000 Amp
  • Output of 0.070 Volt per 1,000 Amp
  • Linearity Accuracy 1%
  • Custom diameters, output, and other parameters are available
  • UL Listing Pending

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RCT-100T 1.0” Diameter
RCT-150T 1.5” Diameter
RCT-350T 3.5” Diameter
RCT-600T 6.0” Diameter
RCT-900T 9.0” Diameter

Dimension Diagram