DCT-0016-100 Split-Core Current Sensor

0-100 Amp Input, 0-5 Vdc Output

16 mm Opening with 100A Rating


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Features of the DCT-0016-100 Power Monitor

  • Rated input up to 100 amp AC
  • Output of 5Vdc at rated current
  • Accuracy ±2% at 5% to 120% of the rated current
  • 2X M3-Screw terminals
  • UL recognized, CE and RoHS Compliant


The Magnelab DCT-0016-100 previously sold under the product name MAG-J16D005-100. This sensor contains a split core with a 16mm opening. Capable of detecting up to 100 Amps of AC current this current sensor transforms the input signal to 0 to 5 Vdc DC voltage output. This type of current transducer is ideal in places where electrical wiring is installed previously. Accordingly, it simply snaps around the conductor itself with a self-locking mechanism. Constructed using high quality materials, therefore, it will never break. This is also why the device comes with a 7 year warranty.

The device is used in a variety of different applications. Most commonly, it is used as a power monitor for pumps and HVAC applications. In addition, it is also found in small industrial motors, refrigeration, lighting and fans. As such, it is a very versatile piece of technology.

It features 100 Amps AC as rated input and an output of 5 Vdc. The DCT-0016-100 has a built in 7.5 Vdc limit, which gives it added safety. The AC transformer has full scale accuracy of 2% either up or down, and operating frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz. The accuracy on rated current is 5% to 120% and it has a 23 KOhms output impedance with an output ripple of 5%, up or down. Like the DCT-0036 current sensor, it comes with two M3 screw terminals. Finally, the voltage on the system is CAT III 600 VAC and it is fully UL recognized as being RoHS and CE compliant.


DCT-0016 100A, 0-5Vdc Output
All Dimensions in Inches
A 2.17
B 1.61
C 1.16
D 1.22
E 0.75