RCS-1800 Three-Phase Flexible Current Sensor System

Current Transformer 0.333 Vac Output

18 inch RopeCT up to 5000 Amp


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The RCS-1800 three-phase flexible rope CT at Magnelab converts AC input current of up to 5000 amperes to an AC output of 0.333 volt. In order for it to operate properly, it will need a DC power supply that has to operate between 9 and 36 Vdc. The RCS-1800 comes in two models, one with screw terminals and one coming with an integrator that has flexible strain relief cables attached to it. With the RCS-1800, you will get an 18 inch rope CT that has multiple options for the amp rating. When you purchase it, therefore, you do have to indicate which amp rating you will require. Do also note that you will need a power supply for the integrator, which must be between 9 and 36 volts.

The three phase flexible AC current sensor has a number of very specific features. Its input is between 0 to 5,000 Amp, although we can also deliver custom amperage at your request. Meanwhile, a very similar product is the RCT-1800 flexible AC current sensor, which also accepts an input of up to 5000 amperes and provides an output of 0.333 volt at rated current. What makes this different is that it is single phase.

Back to the RCS-1800, you will find that its accuracy is 1% either way and it has a phase angle of less than half a degree. As an optional extra, you can purchase the 9 to 36 Vdc power supply. It comes with an 18 inch rope length as standard, as well as 8 feet of insulated leads (to go from the Rope CT to the integrator) and three sets of 8 feet twisted pair (600 V) output leads. On a bare conductor, its maximum voltage is 600 V. It comes with a 5-year warranty as standard.


• Input Up to 5,000 Amps
• 1% Accuracy from 25 to 5,000 Amps
• Phase angle < 0.5 degrees
• 8 ft. Insulated leads Rated 600V, 24AWG
• Maximum Voltage: 600 V (on bare conductor)
• Operating Temperature: -15°C to 65°C
• Storage Temperature: -45°C to 80°C
• UL Recognized E96927 to IEEE C57.13, CAN/CSA 60044-1
• Meets UL STD 61010-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010

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RCS-1800-250 250A
RCS-1800-400 400A
RCS-1800-500 500A
RCS-1800-800 800A
RCS-1800-1000 1000A
RCS-1800-1500 1500A
RCS-1800-2000 2000A
RCS-1800-2500 2500A
RCS-1800-3000 3000A
RCS-1800-4000 4000A
RCS-1800-5000 5000A
RCS Power Supply 24Vdc
All Dimensions in Inches
A 3.94
B 3.375
C 1.125
D 2.50
E 0.187