Magnelab is one of the world’s most respected designers and manufacturers of AC current sensors and current transformers. We are the original manufacturer of split-core current transducers. All our current transformers and transducers measure current ratings, from microamperes to as many as 20,000 amps. Various Rogowski Coil flexible-core Rope CT’s come in lengths of 12 to 48 inches, with multiple amperage ratings. Magnelab designs a range of high quality custom magnetic devices. We work together with individuals and organizations in energy monitoring, aerospace, computers, medical and more.

Producing quality magnetics for more than 49 years

- founded in 1968 -

Highlighted Magnelab Products and Services

  • Rogowski Coil

    Flexible, rope-like current sensors offer ease of use and work well in tight spaces. Magnelab was the first U.S. manufacturer of Rogowski Coils. Each of our coils measures up to thousands of amps.

  • Revenue Grade AC Measurement

    RGB series products permit any of our current sensors to perform as highly accurate revenue grade measuring devices.

  • Medical Applications

    High Isolation Transformers provide up to 15,000 volt isolation for exceptional patient safely.

  • Liquid Salinity Sensors

    Highly accurate Liquid Salinity Sensors allow measurement of the salinity of a liquid (such as blood) without the need to physically touch it. Patent Pending.

  • Military Applications

    The Magnelab engineering team is experienced in mission-critical applications where reliability, safety and stringent environmental considerations are essential.

  • Custom Designs

    In addition to our industry leading current sensors, Magnelab offers a wide variety of custom magnetic designs. Our engineering team is available to design your most challenging projects.