Three-Phase 4-20mA RopeCT® AC Current Sensor 

  • Measure 250A to 5,000A

  • Self powered from 4 - 20 mA Loop

  • Three 18 inch [0.46 m] coils

Three-Phase RopeCT® AC Current Sensor 

  • Measure 250A to 5,000A

  • Three 18" Rope CTs

  • Output 0.333 V at rated current (up to 5 V available)

Revenue Grade Split-Core Current Sensor

  • Linear Accuracy ± 0.5%

  • Phase Angle ± 0.25%

  • Measures Up to 250 amps

5A Output Split-Core Current Sensors

  • 36mm and 24mm Opening

  • Up to 200A Rated Current

  • Accuracy of 1%

4-20mA Output Split-Core Current Sensor

  • 24mm Opening

  • Up to 250A Rated Current

  • Output 4-20 mA DC

DC Voltage Transducer (1000V or 100V)

Various Outputs of:

  • 4-20mA

  • 0-1 Vdc

  • 0-5 Vdc 

5A Output Split-Core Current Sensor

Current Sensor Input from 400 to 1,600 Amps

Accuracy ± 1%

Operational from 50 Hz to 400 Hz

UL Listed, CE and RoHS compliant

Magnelab manufactures current sensors, current transformers, rogowski coils, and current transducers.  Our high precision Split-Core current transformers & transducers measure AC current from one to 5,000 Amps.  The Magnelab flexible-core RopeCT (Rogowski coil) is available from 12 inches to 48 inches at various amperage ratings.

Magnelab is a world leader in the design and manufacture of AC current transformers & sensors and is home of the Split-Core current transducers. For over 40 years Magnelab has served many industries with a commitment to quality and service.

Whatever your power monitoring requirements, Magnelab can provide a solution that will meet your needs!