Magnelab is a world leader in the design and manufacture of AC current transformers & sensors and is home of the Split-Core current transducer. Our high precision Split-Core current transformers & transducers measure AC current from one to 5,000 Amps. The Magnelab flexible-core RopeCT (Rogowski coil) is available from 12 inches to 48 inches at various amperage ratings. Magnelab also designs and manufactures high quality custom magnetics. We serve many industries such as medical, computer, aerospace, and energy monitoring.

Producing quality magnetics for more than 46 years

- founded in 1968 -
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    Accurate AC Measurement

    Magnelab RGB series permits any of our current sensors to perform as a highly accurate revenue grade measuring device.

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    Medical Transformers

    High Isolation Transformers
    Magnelab series of REM transformers provide up to 15,000 volt isolation for patient safety.

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    Liquid Salinity Sensor

    Would you like to measure the salinity of a liquid (blood) without physically touching it?  Patent Pending

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    Custom Designs

    Wide range of magnetics designs
    Magnelab engineering team is available to design your most challenging projects.

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    Rogowski Coil

    Flexible Rope-like sensors. Magnelab is the first US manufacturer of Rogowski Coil current sensors measuring current up to thousands of Amps.

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    Military Applications

    Where reliability and safety come first.  Magnelab engineering is experienced in mission-critical applications for stringent environmental applications.